To the man who decides to marry my best friend:

(Dedicated to my sweet friends who have been there for me more than anyone, Rachael and Madison)

To the man who decides to marry my best friend:

Know that you are the luckiest man alive. I’ve seen her highs as well as her lows. I’ve seen her fall in love with guys that took advantage of how big her heart is and how much she would do for them. I pray you show appreciation for how much energy she is going to spend trying to be the best wife she could possibly be. She’s a good Christian girl who loves our Lord & Savior above all things, but she loves her trap music and thinking she knows how to rap. She’s so funny–and honestly her laugh is even funnier. She’s very fun and adventurous–always keep her that way. When she’s happy, she dances. A lot. So if you keep her dancing all your life, I applaud you. She laughs when she cries because she knows she looks silly, so laugh with her and be sure you are her shoulder to cry on. I am going to be in your life a lot, she is my best friend and when we need to rant about how our husbands watch too much SportsCenter, you best believe I’ll be there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are next door neighbors, actually. I pray you never have any doubt in your mind she is the one for you, as well as I pray the same thing for her. She is not very needy, and doesn’t need to be spoiled with gifts… your time, effort, and attention will make her the happiest woman alive. She is totally Miss Independent, so she is going to do what makes her the happiest-let her. It will always come back in your favor. She does not understand the word ‘no’ and will pout when she is told it. If her eyebrows are raised after an argument, you better either apologize or run… I learned this the hard way. I have seen her cry over too many guys that she was way too good for… I pray I never have to threaten you like I threatened them. She is going to be the best mom ever… I learned this the hard way as well (thank you, college). She has a heart of pure gold, that’s why I consider her my best friend. I hope to be standing there next to her when you two become one, and get to watch your lives begin together. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for being the person I told her about after every heartbreak, after every dumb boy who never called back, after every guy missed his opportunity to end up as you. I knew you would be out there. And congratulations, you could not find a better woman to spend the rest of your life with. Cheers.



Dear Future Husband,

image.jpegI just wanted to tell you, I think about you all the time. I think about you, our future kids, our future house, our future fur babies (hopefully Labradors), where we are going to live, what we’re going to do, all the time. I pray about you and for you all the time, too. Since I am not for sure who you are, here is a few things about me you may want to know:

-I am so needy… I don’t need you to shower me with gifts or spend hundreds of dollars on me, I just enjoy my time, attention, and effort from you.

-I love chocolate covered strawberries, almond joys, goldfish, nutty bars, and am so addicted to Pepsi.

-Please understand that sometimes I tend to overthink things, and if I do, just reassure me everything is alright.

-Football season is my favorite time of the year, so you will never hear me complain about how much time you spend watching football because I guarantee I will be right there next to you, cheering on the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys… (I know, you’re gonna have to live with a cowboys fan, sorry)

-I like to think I am funny, so I’ll continue to try to make you laugh until we are 80 even though you probably will find out I’m not that funny in the first 6 months of meeting me.

-I like to go on walks, they really put my mind at ease.

-I’ll probably bring a stray dog home like once a week, so again, I am sorry.

-Forgive me if I become selfish, and think about myself before thinking of you when it comes to some decisions.

-Church on Sundays with the kids is what I really look forward too.

-Then after church, breakfast.

-After breakfast, football… of course.

-I hope you are a good cook, because I have not become a master chef yet…

-I am so so SO stubborn, and I am going to go ahead and apologize for that.

-Please have a photographer at the engagement… I want to hold onto the happiest moment of my life forever.

-I love to cuddle, I love being affectionate, so I am sorry if I hang on you like a chimpanzee 99% of the time.

-I hope you have already finished every season of The Office by the time I meet you, because I will quote Dwight and Michael a whole lot more than I would like to admit.

-Forgive me when I don’t want to get out of my big t-shirt or put makeup on.

-I promise you I will never stop caring, or trying, for as long as we both will live.

-When I get mad or we get into fights, I do not like to avoid it. I will apologize if I am wrong (after pouting for an hour), and I hope you will do the same. I’d rather talk things out than let them fade away. I believe communication is one of the most important parts to a relationship.

-Forgive me if I turn your white clothes red in the wash, use up all the hot water in the shower, or overcook our dinner. I tend to do these things a lot.

-I dance a lot… I sing a lot… I am not good at either, so be ready.

-Monday nights are specifically for the Bachelor, oops.

-I’ll never stop telling you how good looking you are & how thankful I am for you. Promise.

-I want my kids to understand what love really is, just by watching their parents continue to fall in love with each other everyday.

-The sass comes out every once in a while, so just laugh at how stupid I am being & then I’ll apologize.

-I never want to stop going on dates.. I don’t care if it’s the nicest restaurant in town or just pizza and football on a Saturday night.

-I promise to stay spontaneous–go on random vacations, cross a few things off our bucket lists together, act like little kids, play one-on-one basketball regularly, and continue to write you love letters.

-I am such a bad mind reader, so if there is something you need to tell me or want to talk about, PLEASE TELL ME.

-Don’t worry, I have our whole wedding planned out on Pinterest.

-You are going to be my best friend. I am going to talk about everything that goes on in my life. I hope you are a good listener & if you’re not so good with the advice, just be there to hug me when I’m upset, calm me down when I’m mad, and share the joy with me when I am happy.

-I promise to never stop trying to be the best wife/mom to you and our kids.

I literally cannot wait to meet you, serve God with you, cook with you, wake up next to you, and come home to you. It’s going to be the best life ever.

Bailee (your future wife)