30 days until I move to Lubbock, Texas. THIRTY DAYS. My dream of attending Texas Tech University, and following my families footsteps to become a Red Raider is finally coming true. I swear I came out of the womb with my guns up, so when my parents recommended I just ‘try West Texas A&M University’ before transferring, my heart was broke. I had the grades, had been to over 50 Texas Tech athletic events, owned more Texas Tech t-shirts than anyone on this planet, and stuck with Tech EVEN through their terrible football seasons. One of my favorite childhood costumes was my Texas Tech cheerleading uniform. And seriously??? WT?? I did NOT want to go to a Division II college, that was fifteen minutes from my home. I wanted to be doing what I had always planned on doing. Where I am from, WTAMU was a school people went to, to save money, get better grades, or stay close to home. So going into college, my mind was set on transferring after my first year.

Now with my second year here at WT coming to an end, I am starting to become emotional. Attending WT was the best thing that has happened to me. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had while attending this school. The size of the school is literally perfect. It’s small enough to where you see at least five people you know walking across campus, but large enough that you are always able to meet new people. Your classes are small, your professors are invested in your education, and the “buff pride” is awesome. The opportunities are seriously endless. I joined a sorority, which is something I never in a million years thought I would do. Growing up in a household with a tight budget, I knew I would never be able to afford being a sorority girl. I met amazing people through the sorority, not only my sisters at the time, but also friends of my sisters who have became great friends of mine.

I met some of the best people I have ever had in my life. The best friends I started with are still my best friends today, and I also got to add a few to the list through this journey. Two of which I will be living with in the big LBK.

I applied to be a peer leader after my freshman year, which requires you to work each New Student Orientation in the summer for the incoming freshman, as well as get them hyped about college, and I believed I would be good for the job since WTAMU exceeded all my expectations. I figured, if I could fall in love with WT, I could hopefully get a few others excited to become a Buff. I was for sure it was meant for me and my attention-seeking, loud, enthusiastic character. I prayed about it for several weeks, and finally through a rollercoaster ride, I got the job. Peer leading was probably the biggest blessing that happened to me while at WT. May 2015 I met twenty-one complete strangers, who I now consider the coolest people I’ve ever met. So many different personalities, and all so caring and emotionally invested in each other’s lives, I was seriously blessed to be among such incredible people. They will not be getting invitations to my wedding, they’ll be asked to be in it. I mean if I could, I would make them all the godmothers and godfathers of my future children, that’s how cool they are.

Along with awesome peer leaders, sorority sisters, and just friends in general… one of the most inspiring humans I have ever met was staff at the university. Rick Haasl was my IDS teacher my freshman year, who slowly became my therapist, my “on campus dad,” and one of the most amazing men of God I have ever met. Any person who has met him will same the exact same thing, too. He has a heart of gold, and I have not left a conversation with him feeling like I had gotten bad advice. Anytime you talk to him, you leave feeling so confident and fulfilled. He makes you feel like so loved, and lets you know you are too. You cannot walk past him without leaving with a compliment or a hug. If I could, I would build an office for him in Lubbock, just so I can schedule appointments with him to talk about life.

This past month all I have done was wish that my move-in date was already here, and I could just pack up and be out of the dorms for good (FINALLY), and be living that big school college life. But on the other hand, I cannot take all the wonderful things WTAMU has presented to me, along with me. So dear sweet Jesus, please make this next month come slow. I don’t have much time left to appreciate this place. And although I am transferring and moving on, I will always, always, always be glad I was a West Texas A&M Buff.

*sings the WT fight song from heart* *cries*



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  1. Jeni · May 29, 2016

    That’s crazy!! I just moved to Midland, TX, which is about 2 hours south of Lubbock! I moved on April 16th!!! I’m originally from Kansas so maybe the next time I head home to visit and pass through Lubbock we could meet and chat for a bit! I absolutely loved your post “Send Me Someone.” It was beautiful and made me cry. I can relate. 🙂 Blessings!!! 🙂


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