Send me someone



Lord, send me someone.

Send me someone who adores me.

Send me someone who cherishes me.

Someone who invites me to church.

Someone who wants to know how my day was.

Send me someone who wants to meet my family, learn where I came from, and why I am the way that I am.

Someone who doesn’t have to change me.

Send me someone who loves to take naps just as much as me.

Someone who is proud of my accomplishments.

Send me someone who prays for me.

Someone who builds me up instead of breaking me down.

Send me someone who will reassure my heart, and our relationship.

Send me someone who can love my heart just how it is.

Someone who wants me to meet their family and loved ones.

Send me someone who is so proud to call me theirs.

Someone who can communicate with me.

Someone who knows what they want.

Send me someone who isn’t afraid to show me off, instead of hiding me.

Someone who will do anything to make me happy.

Someone who takes their time to fix things when I am upset.

Someone who jokes with me.

Send me someone who makes me a better person.

Someone who looks at me differently than anyone else.

Send me someone who accepts my sassiness and stubborn attitude.

Send me someone who loves dogs and can forgive me when I bring home one too many.

Someone who knows how to take the blame and apologize when they have done wrong.

Send me someone who lights up when I walk into the room.

Someone who lets me cry, and is okay with it.

Send someone who won’t steal food off my plate.

Send me someone who is straight up with their intentions, problems, and what I can do to help.

Someone who forgives me for my previous mistakes.

Send someone who is loyal.

Send me someone who sees my heart for how it truly is.

Send me someone who loves me like You do, Lord.

I am in no rush, so when You’re ready… Send me that guy.

But first, help me.

Help me cope with my insecurities.

Help me become more patient.

Help me understand personalities that are unlike my own.

Help me love myself and allude confidence.

Help me get my priorities straight.

Teach me to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Help me become the wife and mother my husband has always dreamed of… (the cooking needs some work).

Help me become more independent.

Help me become a light.

Help me establish my lifelong friends, my future bridesmaids.

Teach me to think before speaking, and not be easily-angered.

Help me see the positive in everything.

Help me be someone that attracts my future spouse spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.

Help me grow thick skin, and create a softer heart.

Teach me to put others before myself, take away my selfishness.

Teach me to listen, and not speak.

Teach me to listen to YOUR plan, and trust it.

Help me accomplish my goals.

Help me become a woman someone would be proud to be with.

Help me with my sassiness, Oh Lord… HELP ME WITH THE ‘TUDE.

Teach me to come to You before coming to others.

Teach me to search for a relationship with You before a relationship with a man.

Teach me to love like You, Lord.

Teach me.