Finding my worth

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Dear Lord,

Thank you for showing me my worth.

Thank you for not letting me sit in my room and pout about not being everything someone else wanted.

Thank you for leading me to the higher road.

Thank you for putting me in a position to test my strength and challenge myself.

I know I deserve better, and I know I’m not going to settle until I find it.

Thank you for healing me.

I know You yearn for a relationship with me.

Thank you for showing me that You have a plan for my life; I do not need to take control.

Thank you for teaching me to draw near to You when my heart is aching,  and I am overflowing in self-doubt & condemning thoughts.

Thank you for teaching me that a feminine, Godly precious heart is something worth recovering.

Thank you for taking control of my fear of vulnerability.

Thank you for helping me let go of the feeling of being easily replaceable.

I am not her, and she is not me.

Thank you for taking over and teaching me to let go of the crippling fear & lie from Satan that my heart has been abandoned.

It is time for restoration, and my heart is ready.

Thank you for teaching me that I will never find true happiness without fully forgiving those who have wronged me. Matthew 5:44

And also, for teaching me to be happy for those who have wronged me.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so does he become.” Proverbs 23:7

Teach me to control my thoughts.

I have let go of the thoughts I have obsessed over for so long, I no longer want the enemy to take control of my mind.

Teach me to stop comparing myself to others, teach me to love my uniqueness, my strengths, and my weaknesses.

Teach me to strive off of my strengths & not my enemy’s weaknesses.

Thank you for showing me that there is a fairytale out there, and that I will be rewarded by my patience.

Thank you for wanting me and loving me, and helping me let go of the fact that I need a man to satisfy my heart.

Thank you for teaching me it’s better to love when I am ready, and not when I am lonely; for that will only bring heartbreak.

Human attention will only temporarily heal my heart, while You are the only one who will fix those insecurities & permanently mend the hurt.

Teach me to stop trying to find a place of wanting to be needed.

I want to become more like You; a beautiful woman of God.

Thank you for teaching me that “all things work for the good.” Romans 8:28

I can either choose to be irritable if things do not work out as planned, or I can accept the situation.

Teach me to fully accept Your Will.

Thank you for helping me not get discouraged with myself, You have begun good work in me.

Help me be gracious and accepting of Your plan.

“Trouble and distress have come upon me, but Your commands give me delight.” Psalm 119:43

Thank you for showing me that men can not treasure my heart like You, Lord.

I have let go of the bitterness that is set deep in my heart.

I know I deserve more, You have taught me that my heart is precious and worth being treasured. For You are not done with me yet, and there is so much joy I have to look forward to. Thank you, Jesus, my heart is Yours! Your love is forever.