‘Tis the season for engagements


I want to start this blog by congratulating all the happy couples that got engaged this year! What an exciting time in your life. To be honest, I creep on your Instagram after every engagement and pray that I am invited to the wedding (even if I have no clue who you are). Weddings are my favorite; just watching love do its thing is so cool. So congratulations on finding “the One,” and I pray your house is filled with Jesus and love forever!

But, this post is not for you. It’s for us single ladies who secretly get discouraged every post we see. Y’all, I’m right there with you. I always pictured myself finding my soulmate in college and getting engaged before I graduated. And as the my graduation date comes nearer, I start to realize that God has different plans. But, every single day He shows me why His plan is far greater than what I can comprehend.

My parents have been there through every breakup, every tear shed over every guy who has hurt me, and every overreaction I have had due to a relationship. And every time my Dad says something like “Bailee, your time will come. And it will usually come when you least expect it.” But, HELLO. How am I supposed to patiently wait for my soulmate when I have dreamed of becoming a bride since before I could do simple multiplication? I had the bridal Barbie, watched every movie that pertained to weddings, and of course binge-watched “Say Yes to the Dress“. On top of that, it feels like I am surrounded by happy couples and Facebook reminders to insure I know that everyone is engaged except for me.

There have been times in my life when I have even started to wonder why His plan is the way that it is. I started to ask God what I was doing so wrong. Do I ask for too much? Am I just picky? Are my standard too high? What is so wrong with me? One night I was really feeling down as I was driving around Lubbock (probably just being overemotional), and turned on KLOVE to jam to some Jesus tunes. During a commercial break, the DJ read off the verse Ephesians 3:20-21 which reads “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that words in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever!” She went on about how we do not need to become discouraged, God will give you what you have asked for if you just stay patient. It was really an eye opener for me.

With that said, I may ask for a husband, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get one. While I catch myself thinking about my future with my future hubby, there is no promise that He will give me one. I may be single forever and while that scares the heckins out of me, I know my joy comes from the Lord. No man will ever take His place, nor be the only thing that will bring light to my life. My eyes are set on the Son, and if He thinks I should be single… so be it.

I also want to state how I tend to write out what my perfect man will possess. Even in my past blogs, I have written many things about what I want my husband to be like or act like. And to be honest, I have met many men who probably meet 98% of the criteria of the things that I “think” that I want. But man, it goes so beyond that. I may think I have a plan for my life, and I may think I have life all figured out, but God has a funny way of showing me that He is the one in control.

Y’all, His plan for us is beyond what we can even fathom. Everyone’s timeline is different. Patience has always been something I have struggled with until this year. We are young. We have all of our lives to find the earthly someone to whom our hearts belong! But while we wait for him, know that your cherished and feminine heart ultimately belongs to the Lord Almighty. It’s a lot easier to work on ourselves to become the women of God that our husbands are seeking than to continue to search everyday to find the man of God that is set out to cherish us forever.

I am not going to settle for someone just because I like to think that I am ready. I am not going to settle just because I become dismayed that everyone else is taking that “next step” in their life. I want that everlasting love that God has set out for me! While my plan may not be the exact same as His, I know He knows better.

I don’t want to ever go through a divorce. I never want to have to wonder if my marriage is still genuine and full of love. So while we all celebrate our friends and loved ones moving on with their lives, let’s embrace this time of ours and enjoy the process. Let’s be engaged into our lives right now and not worry about the future. Let’s trust the Lord in His planning and His timing. And let us pray to Him and rely on Him in the times we are not so sure of ourselves. Keep doin’ you.