Mom, thank you for being the best mother any growing woman needs.

You were there for me through everything.

Every heartbreak, you were there to comfort me.

Every fight with a friend, you were there to help me fix it.

Every decision, you were there to help me make it.

Thank you for answering the phone when I call.

Thank you for cooking me breakfast when you know I had a rough day prior.

Thank you for doing all the “adulting” things that I have yet to figure out.

But most of all, thank you for never giving up on being the best mother you could possibly be.

I know it wasn’t easy.

I know I was hard to live with.

I know it was hard making decisions that I wouldn’t necessarily like.

I know it was hard telling me no.

I know it was hard fighting with me.

But thank you for living with me.

Thank you for making decisions that I would later thank you for.

Thank you for telling me no.

Thank you for fighting with me when I didn’t know I was in the wrong.

You’re the mother I strive to be like.

You’re the woman I strive to become.

Thank you for teaching me how to create my own happiness.

You taught me to stay focused on my relationship with the Heavenly Father, and to trust in His plans.

I pray you never ever doubt for a second that you have been a bad mother.

I only hope one day I can make homemade macaroni and spaghetti like you.

Thank you for teaching me that sarcasm is just a second love language.

I am slowly turning into a version of you… I hear your voice in my voice, your laugh in my laugh, and your attitude and sarcasm in my words.

Who knew that “omg I sound like my mother” could be such a comforting statement.

Thank you for giving me the absolute worst haircut you could give to a 3-year-old girl… it made for some funny pictures.

Thank you for always being that what seemed to be an “overbearing, overprotective, strict” parent.

I am now very thankful for that.

I have learned the value of independence because of you.

Even when you were in your darkest days, you never once let me see it.

You were strong.

You were selfless.

You were incredible.

I pray you know how hard it is now knowing that you only ever had my best interest at heart.

You taught me what an unconditional love really was.

Thank you for your often “I’m proud of you” texts.

Thank you for working your booty off to provide for me.

Thank you for showing me that there is joy and peace in loving yourself.

Thank you for supporting me in all I do, and helping me become the best woman of God I can be.

I love you, Momma.