Public Relations Strategies to everyday application


As much as I don’t want to admit my parents were correct, they definitely were when they said you would learn essential information for everyday life in college. Public Relations Strategies was that one course that I took and finally understood that I was in the major I should be. I learned so much, and it gave me so much clarity about PR.

Here are five things I learned from PR Strategies that I will use in my Digital PR course AND everyday life:

  1. How to create a PR Audit.

Analyzing the organization or client that you are working with is one of the most important parts of public relations and audits make your life so much easier! PR Strategies was the class that I learned how to successfully analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, internal factors, external factors and the public perception of an organization.

2. The Science of Persuasion

In PR Strategies, I learned how to effectively use persuading messages to influence a target audience. After building a strong relationship and good reputation, it is easier to persuade your audience. When you have yet to establish that reputation, you must use the science of persuasion for sales, attention, and create a positive brand identity.

3. Creating infographics

This was the first class I ever took that really required any kind of “technological skills.” I had never heard of Adobe InDesign and I didn’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator efficiently. After experimenting and completing the process, I was proud of my final product! Infographics are important in digital media and public relations as it gets the message across easier and faster without a ton of reading. It is also usually visually appealing and easy to read.

4. PR Ethics

Ethics are SO important when working in PR. Learning in detail the ethical standards of the public relations world gave me such great insight how to respond in proactive and reactive situations while hopefully keeping a strong reputation and quality relationships.

5. Pitching a client

Overall, pitching a client uses everything just mentioned and so it is the most significant thing I learned in strategies. Learning different strategies and tactics to improve the organization and persuade them to choose your firm to implement your communication plan is almost the biggest part of your public relations career. It taught me how to write positon statement, set goals and objectives, and suggest strategies and tactics to implement my plan.

When you come to college, you will most likely end up taking classes that do two things for you:

  • Make you realize you are not fit for that major and that is not the path that you want to take in the future or
  • Make you realize that you are right on track with where you are headed and that you are exactly where you need to be.

PR Strategies was definitely the class that made me find my passion for public relations, so I hope that you take a class or have taken a class that makes you realize your passion! Never forget the passion you felt when times get tough! If you are feeling up to share your passion or experience, comment below! I would love to hear your passion!!




Blogs: Millennial’s journal

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What is a blog?

To me, a blog is like a diary. Or, at least that’s what I use it as. I am not the most creative nor grammatically correct writer in the entire world, so I refer to my blog to release some thoughts or ideas. I don’t have to be formal or professional, I just get to be me.

A blog is like an online journal, only the entire internet population has access to it… if you want them to, of course. It’s available for you to write about what you want, when you want and publish when you want. I enjoy blogs because you are not forcing others to read it, such as a post or rant on Facebook. If someone really wants to read about what you have wrote, they can open it and read.

I began writing blogs when I was a freshman in college and I think it is really cool to see how much I have grown as a person since then. I find that this time of our lives is the time where we find ourselves the most, learn about life and just experience the most change, so I love to be able to write about it and potentially relate to others out there reading my posts.

I did have one really popular blog a few years ago that was viewed by half a million people, and it was really eye-opening for me to see other’s responses to it. I even had a guy write a letter to me from Iowa, sent to Texas Tech University. With such a large response rate, I did get a few negative comments from it and it did make me step back a second and realize that anything that has potential of reaching a large audience will always have a few negative response rates. But, I decided to not let it get me down and continue blogging because it’s what I love to do.

I’ve never really been known for anything, but I was the first from my hometown area to really start actively blogging and so it kind of became “my thing.” I have blogged ever since.

So, for me, blogging is my diary. If you enjoy my blog or have any requests of future blogs, please comment below! I would love to hear from my viewers.