Although I began blogging before my Digital PR class, I have thoroughly enjoyed the assignment. I did not know much about blogging when I started out, so it was nice to learn and apply what we learned to my blogs.

Of course, I am going to continue blogging. I love writing; I love being able to share my thoughts and beliefs with others.

I believe this course has helped me understand what my audience wants to read and how to engage with my audience on a more personal level. I now know how to reach out to my audience in a more enticing way.

There are a lot of things that I learned in this class, but knowing that everything is slowly becoming digital means that we need to continue to always work on our search engine optimization. Improving our SEO means continuing to improve in the digital world. It gives us more opportunities and shows future employers that we are ahead of the game.

I used to write blogs that were almost 1,000 words long, but after this class and knowing how little time you have to keep your audience engaged, I have shortened my writing and made it filled with relevant information rather than just words.

I am glad that I took this class right before graduation; I feel like a lot of the information learned will be important whenever we graduate and will continue to be relevant when we are in our careers.

I loved have an interactive class rather than just sitting and listening. I am definitely a hands-on learner so it helped being able to understand the content when we are actively using it.

I am going to miss this class, and I am going to miss college! But, I am very thankful to have had many classes that prepared me for my life in the “real world.”


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