Ask, seek, knock


I have become good friends with rejection lately. The last couple of months, I have received countless rejection emails and phone calls. I had an idea of what I would be doing after graduation, but God had a different plan. I was sure that after graduating near the top of my class with a Bachelor’s degree, a job would come along EASILY. I was wrong.

At first, I was very accepting of the constant “no” and awkward phone calls; I knew God had something even better planned. I was even a little excited knowing there was a new unexpected and unplanned adventure coming my way. But then, the third and fourth and fifth “no” came along, and I began to feel unqualified, unable, and unworthy. I was becoming discouraged and doubtful.

For half of the rejections I was getting, I knew I was more than capable of doing the job. I was confident knowing that I had potential of officially receiving a “CONGRATS,” just to be knocked down again. Along with that, I had to continue to update others on every door closed for me. Talking about it, and getting the “it wasn’t meant to be, but something will come along” conversation made me feel worse. I was working a part-time job with other girls who had just finished high school, and half the time I would come home crying, praying to God to open a door for me.

Sometimes, I felt like I was failing my parents, my teachers, my school, and my education. Everyone was doing something with their lives, and I was still trying to figure out my purpose. What I didn’t know, was while I was throwing myself a pity party, God was waiting for me to discover His plan.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” Matthew 7:7

Ask, seek, knock! HE IS LISTENING! While it is okay to grieve over things that we did not receive, it is not okay to continue to strive for something He continually tells us is not for us. We may miss an invitation to the transformation of our heart, and our life.

I am so glad God did not let me receive any of the positions I thought that I wanted. I was desperately applying for everything, just to be able to say I had a plan. As many times as the “no’s” knocked me down, God’s final “YES!!” was so uplifting and so worth the rejections.

When I was offered this position, it just felt right. I had never considered going to graduate school, or continuing my education past my Bachelor’s degree, but when the opportunity arose, I felt called to it. I have found my purpose. HE IS ABLE. HE IS FAITHFUL. HE IS GOOD. Sending praises and praises of thankfulness!!

I have officially accepted a Graduate Assistant position at West Texas A&M University in the Athletics department, and I am going to be continuing my education for a Masters of Arts degree in Communication! Go buffs (AGAIN)!!!!

A new adventure awaits, and I am grateful for the opportunity!


One comment

  1. Aunt Nan · August 14, 2018

    Congrats! Well said! Keep the faith & keep seeking His will for you! He wants you to have an abundant, joyful life!


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